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What kind of activities will my child participate in?

Since we are a martial arts school, your child will be primarily engage in martial arts related activities. That said, participating in martial arts provides your child with additional benefits outside of simply acquiring the technical skills martial arts teaches.

Martial arts also provides your child with exercise, improving his or her ability to focus on a daily basis. They will also pick up the key character traits of discipline and respect.

What benefits will an after school program in martial arts provide my child?

If you have not picked up our report on how to select the best after school program for your child, we highly recommend that you do so. In fact, we are so confident in our after school martial arts program that we are giving you this report free of charge. If after reading the report and decide on another after school program, there is no obligation to us whatsoever.

Click here to access this free report now!

How is our program superior to other opportunities?

Imagine if your child could not only spend his time after school in a safe, fun and positive environment, but could also be working every day on his or her character — rather than just being let loose on a playground.

We believe our program provides benefits so unique to martial arts that we spotlight these benefits as the features of our program. Click here to read more about this idea.